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Coming from the world of small business ownership and management, we’re passionate about helping others become the leaders they were always meant to be. We’ve been there and now it’s your turn to thrive with us! There’s no better time to partner up with an Industry leading community who can relate to your goals, your struggles, and your hustle.

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Meet Your Team
Meet Your Team
Lorean lazyLoad

CEO & Coach

The words dynamic and powerhouse are synonymous with Lorean Cairns, Co-Founder and Coach of the Fox & Jane Group. With nearly a decade of entrepreneurial and leadership experience, Lorean can honestly say that the secret to her success is deeply rooted in establishing a company culture before all else. From the moment you join the Fox and Jane team, you quickly understand that to be a “fox” is more than just a job – it’s a way of life.

After mastering the salon world from behind the chair, Lorean found her passion for uplifting the hair industry through her empowering message and culture philosophy in education.

In You

Billy's Dog

CMO & Coach

Hailing from an intensive background of online marketing and management, Billy Canu, Co-Founder and Coach of the Fox & Jane Group, is the type of mentor you never realized you needed, but simply can’t live without. Gaining praise and notoriety in his field from major leading companies such as Red Bull, Paramount Pictures, Oakley, McDonalds, and many more, Billy knew that it was time to focus his talents and energy on projects he was genuinely passionate about.

Billy shines a light on the impact of data analysis and marketing to the beauty industry in a way that has never been done before. He will help you understand the “business” behind the business.

Meet Your Team
Meet Your Team

Little Lion Salon

A true community success story, Danielle Peters began her journey as an assistant at Fox & Jane. But, unlike anything before, she grew incredibly as a business oriented stylist and natural leader. With an increased demand and a talent for creating an upscale experience with a touch of cool, Danielle teamed up with the Fox & Jane Group in 2017 to create Little Lion Salon. Now, this Park Slope outpost brags of a full house + waitlist and all … look out for LL2 coming soon!


Skin Habit

Looking for business advice for her brand, esthetician turned entrepreneur, Kristy Darrenogue knew it was time to join our community of like minded movers and shakers in order to level up. As the very first skin focused brand partner, Kristy is paving the way for a fully immersed community that empowers and innovates. This success story speaks for itself, having grown by 70% within the first year and a creation of a profitable business model with expansion on the horizon.


Fox & Jane Denver

Creating a strong and healthy foundation to a new area is the key to success, community, and profitability. Bringing the Fox & Jane Group concept to the Denver region was no exception, and it’s clear that, by reaching major goals within six months of opening, this regional partnership will last for years to come. Now, with succession planning, and exciting new leadership training underway, we can’t wait to see what’s next for Denver.


Fox & Jane Colorado

Building a community based on reliability, fun, goal setting, and success, the Colorado Springs partnership was groundbreaking four years ago, and still continues to grow exponentially. In less than one year after opening, the Colorado Springs’ volume and sales increased by more than four times as a result of the Fox & Jane Group partnership. A true success story from the very beginning, reaching new goals in this region is always possible.



“Becoming a fox was the single most important professional move I could have ever made for my career. Not only have I learned tremendous skills as a salon business owner, but Lorean and Billy also bring with them an impeccable supportive team that allows you to see all of your dreams realized. I have not only gained two business minds that will elevate my business for years to come, but I have gained amazing friends, community, and family.”


“I have fully stepped into and understand what a great leader and coach is. Working with Lorean, I am learning the key to clarifying everything I do in my business, coaching my team, and supporting them instead of pointing fingers… Billy has taught me how vital accountability and POWERFUL it is—having someone to download the day with really has impacted me and helped me see the big picture of goal setting. Becoming a Fox and Jane Partner has equipped me with a team of experts that help alleviate so much of the back-end work I always did on my own.”


“Working with Lorean and Billy has been a Godsend! Before them. I had a shaky business model. Good roots but not able to get it profitable. After becoming a part of the Fox and Jane family with Billy and Lorean, I’m not only thriving but expanding! It’s great to be part of a group that allows you to maintain your business and values but understand how to get your business to be sustainable. During the current pandemic, I felt like they had my back, and failure was not an option. I am so grateful for our partnership, and I look forward to seeing my business prosper.”