How We WorkHow We Work

You’ve come this far
and you deserve
the chance to stop taking
on everything alone.

We understand
what is like to
run a business,
and the challenges
that come with it.

In under 5 years, we’ve amassed annual revenues of $20 million+
through small business growth.

You heard that right. With nearly 150 thousand appointments yearly, 150 community members strong within 10 locations, 4 states, and 2 countries so far, the Fox & Jane group pushes through boundaries every single day. Bringing together the dream team of industry leaders in operations, marketing, hospitality, education, as well as development and coaching, there’s nothing you can’t achieve when the right people have your back!

Now is the time to stop working tirelessly seven days a week with little or no progress. Finally enjoy real time off and start feeling refreshed and excited coming back to the hustle. Know that you have an entire community ready to support you through everything, from inventory, to payroll, scheduling, daily problem solving and beyond.

Let’s Do it!


Discover your purpose instead of
getting stuck in a pressure loop.
When it comes to working
towards goals, failure is a healthy
part of the journey. We will help
you go through it all, together.

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